Referee Report Summary of the Meet
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This form is to be filled out by the Chief Referee for all BCSSA Sanctioned competitions within 14 days. Please enter data directly into this document. The BCSSA ODC expense claim will not be paid out until the referee report summary has been filled out for the event. If you have any issues concerns or suggestions to make this form better please e-mail ODC at:

Name of Meet. *
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Date of Meet: *
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Name of Chief Referee: *
Please include your first and last name: i.e. John Smith
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Level of Referee: *
Please list your referee level: training, 1, 2, 3b, 3a, 4, 5
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SSC Number
Please list your SSC number below if you know it.
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Was the meet well organized? *
This is free text please enter as much as needed. Yes or no is not sufficient.
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Were there any communication issues at the meet. *
List any concerns/recommendations/ to improve the event. Free text please enter as much text as needed.
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Were there any technical problems *
Please list any issues with: horn start, radios, ice problems,computers, etc
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What things worked well at the meet? *
Please describe what things worked well at the meet: cooperation of the officials, communication, etc. This is free text please enter as much text as you wish.
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Please list anyone (or more) that you feel should be considered for advancement from this meet. example: John Smith should be advanced from a level 1 starter to level 2 starter as per discussion with Jim. Please feel to list as many advancement suggestions as needed below. Remember if you are level 1 referee or in a training position you should not be advancing anyone! This is free text enter as much text as needed.
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Were there any yellow cards at the meet? *
This is a yes or no question.
Were there any red cards at the meet? *
This is a yes or no question.
What was the name of the skater and the helmet cover number who got the red or yellow card. *
All yellow cards and red cards must have a separate e-mail letting ODC know that they occurred. If there were no cards please enter 0.
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Were any suspected concussions evaluations done at this meet? *
Please put in how many suspected concussions were evaluated at the meet.
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