DevConf.IN '19 Call for ... Everything!
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DevConf.IN 2019, Second Annual Developers' Conference is open for CFP. Use this form

1. If you have an idea and want to present them at DevConf.IN 2019
2. To request a booth space or to run a community BoF / meet-up during DevConf.IN 2019
3. If you are interested to volunteer

Important dates:
CFP Opens: March 15, 2019
CFP Closes: May 01, 2019
CFP Status Notifications: June 1, 2019
Schedule Announcement: July 1, 2019
Event Opens for Registration : July 1, 2019
Event dates: Saturday, August 2 to Sunday, August 3, 2019



II. STORAGE AND NETWORKING: (Cloud Native Storage, Software Defined Storage, Storage Management, Distributed File System, Datastores, Big Data, NFV/ VNF, DPDK, ODL, Software Defined Networking)

III. OPEN HYBRID CLOUD: ( Multi-Cloud, Automation, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Serverless, Microservices, Containers,
OpenShift/ PaaS, Hybrid Cloud Management, Operators, CNI, Virtualization, Kernel, Service Mesh)

IV. DEVELOPER TOOLS: (Container Tooling, CI/CD, DevOps, Code Editors Cloud native IDE, CLI, Local Development for
Containers, Language Runtime, Debugging/Tracing, QE)

V. FOSS COMMUNITY & STANDARDS: (Community Trends, Governance, Licensing, Participation, Leadership, Agile )

VI. WHITE PAPER / ACADEMIC RESEARCH: ( Computer Science Engineering, New Algorithms, Protocols, Experimental/Future
Networks, Data Modelling, Security, Natural Language Processing-NLP )

We are also accepting submissions in focus areas like - Design, Documentation, Security & Data Privacy.
These focus areas are the common and integral part of all the themes

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Write to us ->

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