Wild & Weedy Registration
Wild & Weedy: Making the Gardener’s Remedies

April 27, 1 PM - Spring Greens
May 18, 3 PM - Teas, Tisanes, Infusions
Jun 30, 1 PM - Tincture Making
Jul 21, 3 PM - Oils, Salves & Ointments 
Aug 11, 3 PM - Herbal Hydrotherapy
Sep 29, 3 PM - Mineral Supplements
Oct 27, 1 PM - Root Decoctions & Soups

Although uninvited by definition the wild & weedy plants have their own stories. Dandelion visits gardens and lawns across the nation - a reminder that their seeds were carefully sewn into hems and bags in preparation for the journey across the big sea. Its bitter taste counters the craving for too much sweet. The root nourishes the digestive tract and the immune system. The high mineral content soothes the nervous system, strengthens bones, and builds blood. Just to scratch the surface of the story of Dandelion.

Herbalist Leah Wolfe will tell plant stories along with the how-to’s and don’ts of wild & weedy edible & medicinal plants. Explore the garden to gather wild & weedy plants to transform into herbal remedies for body mind & spirit. Each month we’ll make a different kind of wild edible or herbal remedy recipe. Fee of $25/class includes an herbal remedy to take home.

Learn more about Leah at trilliumcenter.org.
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