2020-2021 Broadcast 2 Application
Want to join the 2020-2021 Broadcast 2 team? Complete this application! This is not a formality; in fact, decisions about team membership will be based on this application. Not all students who apply for Broadcast 2 are accepted. Very often, the number of applicants exceeds open spots in the class. In these cases, the teacher will use a combination of this application, previous work, and teacher recommendations to make the final determination for placement on the team. Deadline for application: Feb 28, 2020.
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New this year: Broadcast 2 is available to take for both 1 hour and 2 hours. Students in the 2-hour option will be student leaders, content curators, and decision makers. 1-hour students will be production staff, mainly. Which would you prefer? *
In the space below, describe ONE project you'd like to produce. Talk about what form this story would take (youtube, instagram, podcast, etc.) and how this story would add value or benefit the BVN community. *
Being part of the North Report demands a lot of independent and self-directed work. Talk about how you get motivated to start or make progress on large projects. *
Talk about a time you assumed a leadership role. *
Talk about a time you were a valuable team member--not a leader, but someone in a supporting role. *
What is the "special something" that you'll bring to the team next year? Talk about a time when you've used this special talent or skill. *
What's one aspect of the North Report that needs to be improved? How do you plan to initiate that? *
List three teachers who could vouch for your character and work ethic. *
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