New Device Registration
Any devices that need to access the Internet in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas will need to be registered.

Please fill out the form for your device registration, one device per form. Please allow up to 48 hours to have your device registered. If the request is urgent, provide details in the comments section below.

Any questions or concerns, please email
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How do I find my device's MAC address?
CTTB IT registers devices by their physical addresses (also called MAC addresses), which uniquely identifies the Ethernet port, wireless interface, or a USB/lightning Ethernet adapter.

It's a string of hexadecimal numbers, such as 10:34:56:78:92:cf or 58-76-90-ab-cd-ef.

To find it:

1. On Windows, hit Window+X key, choose to open a PowerShell or command prompt window, type 
"getmac /v /fo list"

2. On an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, tap Settings -> General -> About -> Wi-fi Address. Please see Find MAC address on my iOS device ( for step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

3. On a MacBook laptop, go to System Preferences -> Network -> Select wi-fi or Ethernet in the left panel -> click "Advanced" on the bottom (If your device such as a laptop has both wi-fi and an Ethernet port, and you want to use both wireless and wired access, you need to register both, since each of the two has its own MAC address.)

        a.  for wi-fi, click the "Wi-Fi" tab and find the "Wi-Fi Address" at the bottom;  
        b. for Ethernet, click the "Hardware" tab and find the "MAC Address" on the top.

4. On an Android phone/tablet, turn on wi-fi, then tap Settings -> About phone -> Wi-Fi MAC address.

More info with screenshots can be found at this Carleton University's IT page (


If your device has a feature to randomize your MAC Address, you need to disable this feature to find the MAC address for registration.

To do this:

1. For an iPhone/iPad, click the information button "i" next to the CTTB wi-fi network, then slide the "Private Address" to OFF, then re-join the wi-fi network.

2. For an Android phone/tablet, click the gear icon next to it, then choose "Use device MAC" or "Device MAC" or "Phone MAC" instead of "Use randomized MAC" or "Randomized MAC".

For step-by-step instructions, please see: with screenshots: Firewalla Help Info (

without screenshots: Armstrong Wire Help Info (
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