I wish someone had told me that earlier...
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Address: EUROSONIC : De Oosterpoort, Trompsingel 27
Room: Front 3 (upstairs) - Ronde Kamer

We are excited to invite you to apply to participate in the International Music Managers Forum discussion groups taking place at ESNS 2019.

You can join a small group for a series of face-to-face meetings with key industry experts who work at or with the likes of 4AD, Glastonbury Festival, Within Temptation, Leading YouTube channels, Global drinks brands, club and arena promoters, US music publishing companies, and experienced artist managers.

The objective of the session is to engage artists, self-managed artists, managers and professionals in a networking environment with a focused discussion. The music industry is always evolving, we are always learning, this event is ideal for new participants developing their career.

Across two hours you will meet 8 "experts" who can share their experience with you, what do they wish someone had told them earlier in their career?
You will also meet other participants and hear what obstacles and opportunities they are facing, and share with them your own questions, and solutions.

In order for us to prepare the event we require some input from you relating to questions you most want to unpack. Please fill out your details below, tick boxes in the questions section, and we will be in contact with you if there is space for you in a group.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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