SURJ Boston Base Group Recruitment
Welcome, and thank you for your interest! Filling out this form is an important step in joining SURJ Boston and will add you to our list of people interested in joining Base Groups.

Beginning in the fall, SURJ Boston is welcoming interested people to join a Base Group with 8-12 members and 2 facilitators. We see base groups as the basic organizing unit of SURJ, not individuals. They are welcoming spaces - to build community, to investigate identity/whiteness/racial conditioning/white supremacy in ourselves, to support connection and accountability, to understand our history and our systems, and to support connection to social justice actions and SURJ - using guidelines and processes which cultivate curiosity and relationships.

Groups will meet with 2 facilitators twice a month for 4 months - the first groups beginning in October. After the initial 4 months, groups can decide how to stay together without external facilitators, meeting monthly likely with rotating facilitation, and individuals are then welcome to join the action projects, or other parts of SURJ Boston.

The easiest affinity for groups is by neighborhood, but if you have another grouping which you would like to propose (gender, class, race, sexuality, organizing issue), please do, and we will work to accommodate. There will be at least one group organized by and open only for People of Color.

We will follow up as soon as we can about next steps for joining a Base Group.

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Some Base Groups will be organized by neighborhood, but other identity groupings are possible such as gender, sexuality, class, workplace, issues of importance to you, etc. If you wish, please list whatever identities or issues that are important to you. There will be at least one base group organized by and open only for People of Color who would like to be members of SURJ Boston.
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