Quidditch Europe - Teams
Unofficial form about situation of quidditch in Europe. Please compile the form only if you represent an European team (official or unofficial).
Name and position (captain/coach) in your team *
Family name + surname + position
Team name? *
Is your team officially associated with your national government body? *
City of your team? *
Ex: Brindisi
Country of your team? *
Ex: Italy
For how long is your team around? *
How many players do play on the team? *
What is the average age of your team? *
What is the age of the youngest player on the team? *
What is the age of the oldest player on the team? *
How many times a week do you practise? *
On average
Where do you practice?
For example: a public park, a college field, etc. Specify the kind of ground (grass, synthetic, etc.).
How many games has your team played? *
Official and unofficial games.
Has your team ever traveled for an international tournament? How many times? *
What are your ambitions? *
For example: just playing for fun, win national championship, win EQC, etc.
Does your team want to attend EQC in the 2014/2015 season? *
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