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Is leadership committed to providing a high level of customer service?
If yes, how is this visible within the organization?
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Is it readily evident that leadership is focused in regards to business strategy - what we do, who our prospective clients are, what services/products we offer?
Does the company have a written set of core values?
If yes, how would you rate the company's adherence to these core values?
Are all processes identified and documented?
Are task completion procedures currently in writing and available for reference by all employees?
If yes, are they current and do they apply to the way the business operates today?
Have key performance indicators been identified?
If yes, what are they and what is the tracking frequency?
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Are any of your current key performance indicators customer centered? Do any of your key performance indicators measure how well you are servicing your customer?
If yes, what are they and what is the tracking frequency?
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How would you rate your internal customer service? - How well do your employees provide service to one another within the company?
Do owners and or managers meet with employees on a regular basis to discuss company issues?
If yes, how often does this occur?
Do department managers meet on a regular basis to discuss cross functional issues?
If yes, how often does this occur?
Are employees solicited for ideas for company improvements?
Is there a formal training program in place for all positions?
If yes, what does this training entail and how long is a new employee in training?
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Is there a formal employee review system in place - job descriptions, job performance standards and regularly scheduled performance reviews?
Do the owners and or managers regularly spend time with employees while employees perform their day to day duties?
Is there a customer complaint system in place?
Is there a customer service survey system in place?
If yes, how often and by what method(s) are customers surveyed?
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Does your company utilize a software platform to conduct business?
If yes, what is the name of the software platform
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If no, are their plans to utilize a software platform in the future?
When are you ready to begin this project?
Is anyone else's approval needed to begin this project?
If yes, who?
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Process Documentation - Flow charting current processes and analyze for improvement opportunities.
Standard Operating Procedures Development
Employee Performance Review System Development
Key Performance Indicator Development
Core Value Development
Internal Customer Service Training
Customer Service Training for Customer Facing Employees
Management Skills Training
Customer Service Survey System Development
Customer Complaint System Development
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