2018 Sonoma County Yoga Festival Yoga Studio Sponsor Application SOMO Village
Thank you for your interest and support in the 2018 Sonoma County Yoga Festival. We are currently still accepting new participants for 2018.

We are excited to be bringing the leaders in the abundant yoga community of Sonoma County together for another fun weekend of yoga, wellness and community building.

If you would like to have your local Yoga Studio featured in the 2018 Sonoma County Yoga Festival, please fill out the following form. We are gathering as many members of the community and would like to have any and all studios that are interested involved.

Due to the limitations of scheduling and event space, at some point we will have to limit the amount of participants. There are many ways to participate for Yoga Studios and communities of all levels.

Thank you for your interest & support!

YOGA Cube Events Team

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Yoga Studio Sponsor
As a Yoga Studio Sponsor you will be showcased throughout the festival and will have opportunities to reach your future students & clientele. With the many different sized studios in mind we have the following pricing options for your preferred level of involvement.
$1,000 - Platinum Studio Package ( FULL for 2018 )
- 4-5 Hrs of Sponsored Scheduled Content.
- Studio Logo on primary poster.
- Hyperlinked Logo on all Digital Media
- Prime booth placement during event.
- Radio advertisements.
- Prime space for individual signs/banners in yoga spaces and entrances/exits.
- 6 Staff Passes
- 4 Ambassador Passes for friends and family.
$500 - Gold Studio Package (Limited to Outside Yoga Spaces)
- 2-3 Hrs of Sponsored Scheduled Content.
- Studio Logo, address & contact info on custom poster.
- Space for individual signs/banners in yoga spaces, entrances, and exits.
- 4 Staff Passes.
- 2 Ambassador Passes for friends and family
$250 - Silver Studio Package (Limited to Outside Yoga Spaces)
- 1 Hr of Sponsored Scheduled Content.
- Studio Logo, address & contact info on custom poster.
- Space for individual signs/banners in yoga spaces, entrances, and exits.
- 2 Staff Passes.

- - -

What are my options for my Sponsored Scheduled Content?

This is your opportunity to showcase your best classes, instructors, and weekly classes that you currently offer at your existing Yoga Studio. You will have the opportunity to be showcased and highlighted throughout the 3 Day Event.

We suggest taking your most popular and well attended classes and adding them to our weekend schedule. We will have 3 Yoga Spaces available with priority placement given on a first come and first served basis. If you would like to hold a Workshop or Immersive Yoga and Educational experience we have a room with audio visual, video and powerpoint capabilities.

- - -

Where will the classes take place?


- Main Plaza Room
This room will be the primary yoga space with enough room able to accommodate upwards to 120 + yoga mats. This room will feature the most anticipated and well attended classes.

- Board Room
This room is the secondary indoor yoga space and can accommodate upwards of 60 yoga mats. This room will be able to have Heated Classes, Custom Lighting and more dynamic class options (Inferno Hot Pilates, Buti Yoga, etc.).


- Main Courtyard Stage
This year SOMO Village will be constructing a large event style outdoor stage in the Main Courtyard. The stage will be 8 ft off the ground and will have the opportunity for versatile large group classes. We will have limited spaces for students available on stage for select ticket types and upwards of 200 yoga mats outdoors in the Main Courtyard.

- Meditation Meadow
This is going to be in a quiet corner of the Festival with ample shade and a grassy area for leading both private and group meditation classes.

** All spaces will have podiums, microphones and an audio/musical set up for use at the teachers discretion. **

- - -

Where will my booth be located? What type of exposure will I get at the festival?

This is completely up to you. We have options for Prime Booth Placement, Signage and Scheduling depending on which level of involvement and support you would like for your Yoga Studio (Platinum, Gold or Silver Package).

Your level of exposure and growth for your studio will depend on your level of involvement and commitment to the event.

- - -

What does my sponsorship fee pay for?

Your Sponsorship Fee will go towards many areas of cost for the event.

- Event Venue Costs
- Operational Costs
- Marketing, Ticketing and Media Costs
- Yoga Instructor Stipends ($50 per class)

- - -

What isn't included in my sponsorship fee?

Not Included:
- 10x10 Booth, Tables, Chairs.
- Personal Marketing
- Promotional and Display Materials.

Please get creative and feel free to bring anything that would you like to the event to help raise awareness for your Yoga Studio. You are encouraged to bring your own signs banners, informational packets, studio hats, shirts, clothing, etc.

- - -

What is the difference between the Primary Poster and the Custom Poster?

- The Primary Poster will be used in all printed advertising, digital advertising and location advertising at local colleges/schools, community centers, coffee shops, etc. The Primary poster will be the most circulated image related to the event and is limited to Platinum Sponsors and Title Sponsors.

- The Custom Poster will be given to each yoga studio to have a poster with their own logo within their own studio to encourage students and members of their community to attend the event. Custom Posters will not be used by YOGA Cube Events or Sonoma County Yoga Festival staff. These are designed for the sole purpose of awareness and advertising in the corresponding individual Yoga Studio only.

- - -


Upon completion of registration and reciept of registration fees you will be given an Info Packet with tips on what to expect and how to prepare for the event.

Info Packet Includes:
- Suggestions
- Guidelines
- Requirements
- Set Up / Break Down information.

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