Gmail Tech Support Scam
“Help! I can’t remember my Gmail address. What was my password anyway?”

Looking for Gmail Tech Support? The official way to obtain support for Gmail is through Gmail’s help center site ( Be aware of third-party websites that claim to offer technical support for Gmail and other Google products.

These contacts and their websites have no affiliation to Google and may claim to provide password reset assistance as well as other Gmail related support services. In addition, these sites may require the submission of payment for their support services. Google does not charge users to recover their account credentials or change their password.

In other cases, these websites may call you and claim that your Google Account was hijacked or that your computer has a virus or other malware on it. Google does not provide phone based support for Gmail and these calls are not affiliated with Google.

These contacts may deceive you into providing your username and password (account credentials) which may result in your account being compromised and “unlocked” for a fee. Do not provide your account credentials to anyone purporting to be from Google.

If you've already encountered a Gmail Tech Support Scam, and or have sent a payment, you can report the scam ( to the appropriate authorities. We also encourage you to report the scam to us.

If the correspondence you received came from a Gmail address, you can report the Gmail account ( to help Google take appropriate action on accounts involved in this scam.

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Complete this form if you believe you've encountered a scam involving fraudulent technical support purporting to be Google. The information you provide us with may be used to further investigate this matter in aggregate, and may be shared with the appropriate authorities as part of our effort to shut down these types of operations.

Google is unable to respond to all individual inquiries.

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