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Interested in starting a club? Fill this form to get start preparing for your new club. Similar club ideas will be grouped together. The aim is to help you promote your club and gather the necessary signatures (50) to start your club. They can become your members!
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CLUB DESCRIPTION. How would you describe your club? What activities will you be doing?
YOUR ROLE. Will you be the President, an Executive member (secretary, treasurer) or a Member? *
MEMBERS. How many members do you already have recruited for your club? Please select 1. *
CLUB SPACE: What do you require to start the club? ( ----------------!! Important: We can not guarantee a designated club space for new/interim clubs.
PROMOTION OF CLUB. During certain DSU events, such as Club Fairs, you may have a table to promote your club. Please list your club promotion ideas. You may scroll to the last box to add more detailed information.
SOCIAL MEDIA. Where will you have your social media presence? Check off as many that apply. *
MEETINGS. How often do you expect your meetings to be? *
START DATE. For planning purposes, please indicate the ideal start date for your club. N.B. The DSU cannot guarantee the start date. *
EXTRA: Any other info you want to add? (You may include more information from previous questions to discuss with our VP of Student Life)
We appreciate your interest in starting a new club and we will contact you shortly regarding your club proposal. Please check your spam folder. Please email for any questions.
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