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Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School
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Math CLT Group
Math CLT Group- Today we broke off into smaller groups. This is a report for Marla Germain and Glen Garnett (who worked on the Math at Work Cumulative Assessment)
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Cycle of Collaborative Inquiry
Sharing Evidence *
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Glen and Marla discussed the Math at Work 10 program. We reviewed samples of previous assessments. Marla is currently using the same tests that Greg Veinot and Glen Garnett have used in the past. Today we discussed the units in the course and which outcomes pose particular challenges for the students.
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Collaborative Discussion *
Did your group participate in the "Collaborative Discussion" portion of the Cycle of Collaborative Inquiry?
Today we both arrived with different cumulative assessments (one Glen has used in the past and one that Marla received from Greg Vienot). We examined these questions and further discussed questions that a majority of students have had difficulty with in the past. We looked at ways to reword these particular questions or we looked at examples of other questions we could substitute into the test. We discussed a "Snippet Tool" which allows us to easily cut pictures or problems from a scanned document or an online source. We discussed making sure the new cumulative assessment adheres to the outline provided. Specifically, we will make sure that the assessment is covering all outcomes and has the appropriate cognitive levels of questions within the assessment. We will make sure that the questions are clear, not misleading and we will certainly avoid contractions. We then reviewed the two assessments separately and decided to meet later to discuss the questions we particularly like on each assessment.
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Next Steps & Actions *
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Our next step is to gather up problems and sample questions which we can use to revise and/or create a new common assessment with.
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Implementation of Instructional Practices *
Did your group members participate in the "Implementation of Instructional Practices" since the last time that your CLT met.
At our last meeting we discussed small group instructional practices (Andy Brown) and implementing math menus (Marla Germain).
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Reporting Back to School Data Wall *
Did your group participate in the "Reporting Back to School Data Wall" portion of the Cycle of Collaborative Inquiry?
Each member was asked to send the Q1 marks for each of their classes to Andy Brown. He is going to start by organizing the courses by colour. There was discussion on how the information would be displayed.
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