Settle a fair contract with CSU now!
We are not invisible!
We are UMASS Boston!
Settle a fair contract with Classified Staff Union now!

Dear UMass Boston Board of Trustees and Chancellor Suárez-Orozco:

We are the foundation of UMB.  Without the classified staff, nothing moves at UMASS Boston.   Yet, for many years and during this time we've always been the LAST union members to be invited to the negotiation table and the last to settle.  We stand in UNION SOLIDARITY to fight for what’s owed to us.  Administration has settled contracts with the faculty, professional staff and other units of employees at UMB.  

We, the undersigned members of the UMASS Boston community, call on the UMASS Boston Board of Trustees and Chancellor to settle a fair contract now with the Classified Staff Union that provides a livable wage.

Amanda Achin, CSU & Alumni
Alexa MacPherson, CSU & Alumni
Brian Glaser, CSU, Instructional Media Specialist
Jariza E. Rodríguez, CSU
Ivy Hall, CSU
Coretta Bates, Administrative Assistant
Wally Soper, CSU & Alumni
Steve Striffler, Faculty - FSU
Jason Fasano, CSU Member, Administrative Assistant
Alanna Westhaver, CSU
Keith Westhaver, MTA
Ken Savage, CSU
Aylin Rojas, Employee
Tiara Cobb, Staff- Site Manager for Jumpstart
Todd Williamson, CSU & Alumni
Donna McMahon, Staff
Ivie Igbineweka, Student and VDC Administrative Coordinator
Aedyn Downey, CSU, Administrative Assistant II
Matthew Howard, CSU
Lauren Owens, CSU
Erica Askew, CSU
Valerie Price, Administrative Assistant II, CSU Secretary
Carmen Florentino, Health services-CSU
Lizabeth Roemer, Faculty
Jeff Melnick FSU, Communications Director, VP-Elect
Carl Offner, Industry Professor of Computer Science; FSU
Louisa Choy Librarian, FSU member
Tom Johnson, Faculty
Sana Haroon, Faculty, FSU
Mary Jo Connelly, PSU Union
Warren Hinckle, GEO Union Rep & Alumni
Dana Francisco Miranda, Faculty, FSU
Jessica Holden, Librarian - FSU
Daniel Messier, FSU
Tracy Brown, Faculty - FSU
Maureen Boyle, PSU
Bernice Fair
Claire Attie, CSU
Vivian Tran, Instructional Specialist
Christine Boseman Burns, CSU
Karen Ross, FSU
Shauna Manning, CSU member, UMB alumna
Tanya Williams
James Morris, CSU
Chris Whynacht, GEO Student
Tim Hacsi, Faculty - FSU
Katsyris Rivera-Kientz, Graduate Student/GEO Rep
Alison Chavez, graduate student
Steve Loren, GEO member
Ceara Somerville, Graduate student, GEO member
Jeffrey Pugh, Faculty-FSU
Joanna Ruhl, Graduate Student
Curtis DeBisschop, Former Student (2017-2018)
Jo Ashman, former UMB commuter undergraduate student; former work study employee at UMB art department
Greg Guidi, CSU
Sachin Gupta, Grad Student
Sereynita S Altarejos CSU
Chloe Teston Benisvy, Alum
Anneta Argyres, PSU
Tsotso Ablorh, Graduate Student
Mary Troxel, graduate student
Kaela Yamini, graduate student
Heike Schotten, Faculty, FSU
Alice Palmer GEO, student
Genna Asselin, graduate GEO member
Katherine Albert, CSU & Alumna
judy tran, student
Tony Thang, Student
Roisin O’Keeffe, Student
Hannah, Student
Enorguehi Omon-Ukpebor, Student
Nhinhi Nguyen, Student
Jayda White, Student
Melissa, student
Dan pippitt, Student
Alicia Lopez, Graduate student
Tyla Tang, Student
Jawadul Haque, Student
Liz Simpson, Student
Annie Li, student
Daniel Kazimierczyk, Undergrad Student
Olivia Santos, Student
Leigh Murphy, PSU staff
Marcelo Suarez, Chancellor
Cameron J D’Entremont, Student
Linh Tran, student
Amy Jones, Student
Harmandeep Singh, Student
Anh Le, Student
Kibibi V Mack-Shelton, FSU member
Katy Brook, Student
Nancy McCormack Demren, CSU
Isabelle Ribeiro Antoine, Staff CSU
Shirley Williams, CSU Staff
Alyssa Christopher, graduate student
Roxann Harvey, UMB Alumna, Healey Library Access Services, CSU
Molly Pedriali, Technical Specialist/Academic Scheduler
Caitlin Bryant, Graduate Student
Nurit Haspel Faculty - FSU
Laura Krause, community member
Emek Karakilic, Ph.D. Student
Glover Martin, FSU
Amy Huppi, PSU
Katie Williams, Student
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