ACTMalaysia Online Group Supervision (February 2020)
21st February 2020 (Friday)
Skype Chat

**OPEN AND FREE FOR ALL to attend**

12.20pm Chatroom open
12.30pm Introduction
12.35pm Brief Mindfulness Exercise (BME)
12:45pm Real-play/ Inter-vision Exercise
1:05pm Feedback
1:30pm Adjourn

BME is conducted by BME lead for a period of 3-8 minutes. The exercise could be a simple mindfulness exercise that everyone is familiar with or one that is novel.

During real-play/ inter-vision exercise, a presenter will provide a scenario/issue that he/she wishes to discuss and, the skill builder will attempt to approach the scenario/issue using hexaflex skills. The presenter/skill builder can navigate the scenario/issue either from a supervisor/trainee perspective or from a client/therapist perspective. Other participants of the session are require to mute their chat, observe the ACT processes being used and their own feelings/thoughts that surface during the observation.

Feedback is a period where the presenter/skill builder first discuss how they experience the real-play/ inter-vision, followed by supportive feedback from other participants.
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