Frosh Orientation Review and a few new things too...
What school did you attend last year? *
How many books did you read this summer? *
What steps would you follow to come to the library during a class period?
Books from the CHS Library can be checked out for *
You will be on the fine list if you don't turn in or renew your books by the due date. *
You can get off the fine list by doing all of the following except *
The library does not have classroom textbooks. *
You can print _______ pages per day in the library. *
Which of these library research tools have you used most OR think you might use the most? *
My name is *
My trusty assistant's name is *
So far, your experience at CHS would rate as a _____ out of 10. *
And just for fun: M & M's or Skittles???
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