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By submitting this form to the school, I represent that I have read the foregoing SMS Family Handbook, available on our school's website, and understand and agree to the contents thereof. I agree that I will comply and will require the student listed below to comply with the school’s policies, procedures, and instructions, and understand that such compliance by me, the student, and persons connected to the school by reason of the student is a condition of the student’s continued enrollment in the school. I also understand and agree that the timely payment of all tuition, fees, and costs imposed by the school is also a condition of the student’s continued enrollment in the school.
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Video/Image Release: I/we understand that, from time to time, photographs and video images are taken of students, individually and as a class, for use in school yearbooks, promotional and marketing materials, the school website, and similar publications. Subject to the Release and Consideration and Indemnification terms below, by my selecting "Yes" below, and for good and valuable consideration, I hereby grant to the School the irrevocable and unrestricted right to make, use and/or publish any and all photographs, videos, and other images of Student, or images in which Student may be included, now existing or hereafter made, in any case, with or without identifying Student, for the following purposes: individual student and class pictures; school or Diocesan promotional, marketing, or organizational publications (e.g., yearbook, school, or Diocesan publications); and for use on the school website. I authorize the School to publish such photographs, images, and video in any manner and medium, to alter the same without restriction, and to copyright the same. *
Bullying Policy and Honor Code: By my/our initials below, I have read and understand the bullying policy of St. Mary’s Catholic School. I will adhere to all school rules regarding bullying and the honor code. I understand the consequences for bullying. I understand that the judgment of St. Mary’s Catholic School regarding all infractions is final. *
No Photos Taken at Mass: Our of respect for the sacred, by my initials below, I understand that I may not take pictures during the Children’s Mass at any time unless given explicit authorization from the Principal. *
Authorization of Consent to Treat a Minor: By my/our initials below, I have read and agree to the section covering Authorization of Consent to Treat Minor *
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