Adler Camp Scholarship Application 2020
We're so glad you'd like your child(ren) to come to a camp at Adler!

The entire form must be completed for consideration.

A limited number of full or partial scholarships are available. They are awarded based on financial need and program availability.

The application period ends February 28 at noon.
Every effort will be made to notify applicants as to their status by March 16. We appreciate your patience as we give each application careful consideration.

For details about Adler Planetarium Summer Camps visit

If you are applying on behalf of multiple children, please complete a separate application for each child.

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Describe why you are interested in Adler's summer camps for this child. If the child is old enough to express themselves clearly through writing, they are welcome to write this section! *
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Select one or more sessions that fit your schedule and child's interest, but be sure to choose only sessions your child would be enthusiastically able to attend if offered a scholarship.

Please remember that these age/grade levels are referring to the child's age at the time of camp for children not yet in school, and child's grade in the Fall of 2020 for all others.
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