Postnatal Group Class Inquiry
Moms and postnatal women, tell me what you want and need for support and training after pregnancy. Beyond Basics offers fun and safe training in small group classes for moms just like you. Training take place in a private, women's only gym which includes a playroom! Beyond Basics training goes beyond your usual workout. No class is ever exactly the same, and you get individual attention to your needs, and tools for a life time of health and fitness.

I knowhow to help Moms recover and great results, but I need YOU to tell me about yourself, and the type of classes that fit your schedule and you would enjoy attending.
Feel free to forward this survey to your friends and family.

(Maximum 12 women per class.)

Note: I do my best to FaceTime or What's App the class for Moms who occasionally have to miss because they are in quarantine or can't leave the house for some other reason.

* You will only be able to submit your answers if you complete all the required questions.
(Only Trainer Edie will read your responses.)
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What is your biggest postnatal concern? *
How long since your last mid to late term pregnancy or delivery? *
How many times a week would you like to attend in person classes? *
Which one or two days of the week work for you to attend in person classes?
What is the best time of day for you to join a group class? *
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How long would you like to attend postnatal classes? *
What is your biggest obstacle to joining group classes? *
Are you interested in getting faster results by joining Live or Recorded Online Classes? (I sometimes do this for once a week in person classes.) *
Would you like to join a Facebook or other App support  group to help you stay motivated and accountable? *
Would you like the option of using the Beyond Basics Pro Trainer App for additional exercises and workouts, and/or nutrition coaching and food tracking? *
Are you interested in purchasing a gym membership for around $45 so you can train in addition to classes or on your own? (Beyond Basics Gym Memberships include the use of a beautiful steam room for rest and recovery.)
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What is your current fitness level? *
Are you experiencing pelvic floor pain, incontinence, or a feeling of heaviness? *
Do you have an illness, injury or anything else that I should know about or could affect your training?
How ready are you ready to work toward your health and fitness goals? *
Are you prepared to invest in your body, health and fitness? ($50-99/month for group classes depending on training and support options.) *
If you are recently postpartum, has your physician given you the OK to exercise? *
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Note the best days and times for me to call to answer any questions you may have. (In the meantime you may find your answer at
Just for Fun: Who is your favourite TV show, movie, book or podcast Mom? :)
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