PLMW@ICFP 2019 Funding Application
PLMW @ ICFP has scholarships available for students who – without these scholarships – would otherwise be unable to participate. Scholarships will cover full registration fees for both PLMW @ ICFP and the ICFP conference. Scholarships will also cover reasonable travel expenses, including airfare and accommodations.

PLMW @ ICFP 2019: 18 August 2019, Berlin Germany.

ICFP 2019: 18 - 23 August 2019
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Generally, you are only allowed to be funded by PLMW for one conference (ICFP, POPL, PLDI, OOPSLA). Have you been funded by PLMW before? *
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Generally, PLMW scholarships will provide some money towards flight, hotel, registration for PLMW and ICFP, and meals. If you have any other funding available for some of these (e.g. from your university or faculty advisor), or do not need some of these (e.g. you have another place to stay), please let us know how much (in USD), so that we can give scholarships to as many students as possible.
Do you have a publication at ICFP or an affiliated workshop? If so, you may be able to acquire SIGPLAN PAC funding, and should apply for PAC support through their webpage. *
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