Chinese New Years Parade 春節遊行
應農曆春節, 美京中華會館將在 DC 中國城與春節遊行. 台美警消之友協會將參與, 目前和 Federal Bureau Citizen Academy Alumni Association, and 調查員會參與遊行. 這是一個難得的體驗, 在此敬邀大華府地區的各位一同加入我們. 請各位填寫下列資訊, 以便通知集合地點和預先統計人數

集合地點 Meeting Location: on EYE Street , between 5th & 6th , 2/18/2018, 1:00pm
遊行路線 Route Start: 6th & Eye St NW. Route End: 6th & H St NW

The Chinese New Years Parade will be held in Chinatown, DC. The Taiwanese-American First Responders Benevolent organization will be in the parade. We are inviting you to join us in the parade and walking with our FBI citizen academy alumnus and special agents. We are going to prepare a small gift (k9 stuff animal) for kids who participate in our parade.
Please fill out the following survey if you wish to join us and we will email you the details of the meeting location and other related information.

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