Stevenson Social Media Site Registration
There are more than 75 social media accounts associated with Stevenson divisions, clubs, teams and activities. The SHS Public Information Office would like to know the name and contact information of anyone who establishes or maintains one of these accounts. We don't need to know account passwords, but request that at least two Stevenson faculty or staff members have the account login information. An account administrator may have someone else post and moderate an account, but any questions or concerns about account content will be sent to the administrator.

For anyone establishing a new account, we would suggest that it begin with SHS to increase the continuity of all accounts associated with Stevenson. Please email Social Media Specialist Crystal Maleski at with any questions or requests for assistance.

All accounts that are active, public and related to school, club or team activities will be listed in the social media directory on the Stevenson website: Private accounts, closed groups or secret groups will not be listed.

A registration symbol will be placed after the names of all accounts that are registered using this form.

Site administrators are expected to assure that all posts and comments adhere to the Stevenson social media guidelines:
Name of the SHS division, department, club, group or team this account represents *
Type of Platform *
Please fill out one form for each platform.
Social Media Account Link *
Please enter the url of the social media account.
Name of Primary Account Administrator *
Must be a Stevenson faculty or staff member that is in possession of the username and password for this account.
Email of Primary Account Administrator *
This needs to be a D125 email address of a Stevenson faculty or staff member.
Name of Secondary Account Administrator *
This administrator needs to be someone who is in possession of the username and password for this account. Feel free to list Crystal Maleski or Jim Conrey if you need a secondary administrator.
Email of Secondary Account Administrator *
Feel free to list or if you need a secondary administrator AND send a follow up email with your account login information.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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