Meet the Author: Chelsea Clinton Video File
Our January 9 webcast with author Chelsea Clinton is available for download. Individual schools, school systems, cable companies, PEG channels, and public television programmers may request the link to the high resolution MP4 video file by completing this form. The link will be sent via e-mail.

Please note:
1. The video file may be transmitted via open broadcast on public television stations, basic subscriber cable services, PEG channels, and school system distribution networks provided the broadcast is for instructional purposes only.
2. You may stream the video file publicly via your live channel streaming feeds.
3. You may not offer the video file via on-demand web streaming, web-based download, or any other method that requires hosting web-quality media on you servers.
4. The video file may not be duplicated in part or in whole.
5. The video file may not be edited or altered in any way.
6. The video file may not be used to generate revenue.
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