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By completing the form below you are confirming that we may use your information to provide the requested services needed. You are confirming that all provided information is true to your knowledge. In order to receive services or food delivery, you must complete the form below.

* While all food remains FREE Deliveries include a $2.00 delivery fee per delivery. Would you like to continue delivery services or schedule to pick up from 2701 St.Clair Ave Cleveland Ohio 44114 ? *
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Due to COVID-19 we offer no contact delivery to protect everyone safety, where would you like our drivers to leave your delivery? ( If you have a disability or you're unable to carry heavy weight, please make note of that so drivers know if they need to take a delivery into your home)
Thank you for taking time to complete this intake

The above questions were for intake purposes only and will only be shared with us and our partners to service you. We currently work with community leaders and stakeholders to provide several needed services and resources during this COVID-19 Pandemic and ongoing.

Please understand that all delivery services are non-contact meaning that drivers will safely sanitize and bring items to your drop off location without physically interacting with you. They will however contact you via phone for all needs and notifications.

Someone from our team will contact you to confirm your next delivery and any associated membership fees.

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