Kata.ai - WhatsApp API / Chatbot Pre-Registration
Thank you for your interest in enrolling on the early batch of our WhatsApp API program. Through this form we are going to need you to submit a couple of information as pre-requisites from WhatsApp. Thank you.
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If you pick other please describe the functionalities you wish to build on WhatsApp
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Are you also interested in AI Chatbot integration on your WhatsApp channel? *
e.g: FAQ, Sales automation, Process automation
Do you need an Omnichannel Customer Service Dashboard integrated with WhatsApp for multiple agents? *
Other than the existing ones like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshchat, etc. This omnichannel customer service dashboard can also be integrated with LINE, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Web-Chat, In-App Chat.
Do you need Kata.ai integration service (for Chatbot or any other applied use cases) or you only need the WhatsApp API and build the application on your own? *
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