Oster In-Person Morning Band

Classes starts September 28
Band will be held at 7:20am-8am on Tuesday mornings.
Due to Covid, band will be held outside of the cafeteria, socially distance and students are being asked to purchase band masks and instrument covers, available at Park Avenue Music.

2nd-5th graders, do you want to play in the Oster Band?
We provide music programs to many of the schools throughout Santa Clara County; Booksin, Fairwood, Guadalupe, Hammer Montessori, Reed, San Miguel, & Schallenberger. Check us out at: www.artsi.us

No prior knowledge or musical experience is necessary. We will teach you everything!

$424 per student (Sept-April). Check or Cash Only. Payable to Arts Initiative and turned in the first day of band.Please write your students name clearly on the subject line of the check or provide a piece of paper with a cash payment with your students name.

Our goal is to perform special evening performances in Winter and Spring for parents and the community as well as during the school day for their peers! Due to COVID, we do not know if we will be able to do that or we will need to video a performance. As you know, this is an ongoing fluid situation, but we will do everything in our power to make it happen!

Winter Practice:
Sept: 28
Oct 5,12,19,26
Nov 2,9,16, 30

Spring Practice:
Jan 4,11,18,25
Feb 1,8,22
March 1,8,15,22,29
April, TBD

Band will be conducted outside for September and October (until the weather begins to shift), students will wear band masks. Social distancing will be implemented. As in all years, beginning band students will be broken up into smaller groups for the first 2-3 weeks of band.

The band masks are a special type of mask with a slit in it for the clarinet, trumpet and alto saxophone.
Percussionists will wear their regular masks and flutists will also have a special band mask made so they can slip their mouthpiece inside of their mask.
We will also have them remove their masks for moments at a time to ensure their embusure is correct, but will not blow into the instruments without the masks, so you can rest assured they're being given the proper direction they need while staying safe and following all Covid safety measures.

We will also use bell covers for the clarinet, alto sax and trumpet, which are basically the equivalent of a hair net that just goes over the bell of the instrument, so, just the end of the instrument. These are different then instrument covers and will not get in the way AT ALL with their playing or learning of their instruments.

If students are able to maintain a further level of social distancing outside we won't require the bell covers, but that will also be based upon sound levels, group sizes, etc. Either way, the bell covers won't get in their way at all or even really be very noticable for them when playing.

We want you remember, we view their safety as the highest priority and will also balance that with not letting any of this PPE get in their way of having fun or learning the instrument.

Starting in November (or sooner, should the weather be too uncomfortable outside), we will move band indoors, wear instrument masks and use bell covers (bell covers ONLY cover the end of the instrument and are not full instrument covers. Bell covers will be used on Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Trumpet), we will practice social distancing by spreading band members out and ensure the circulation and heat in the room is adequate.

-Students are responsible for obtaining an instrument (rental or purchase), a music book (Essential Elements for Band) and downloading the accompaniment music online at home for practice. Band masks and bell cover(clarinet, sax, trumpet)—We do not rent out instruments, Park Avenue Music does and we highly recommend them. Their prices are dependent upon instrument, but are typically- $20(flute, clarinet, trumpet)-$55(alto saxophone) a month and a one time fee for percussion of around $60 for a drum pad, sticks and the book.

1717 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 279-5100

- Flute ​(this is the hardest instrument to get started on, it is normal to struggle during the first 3 weeks, but we highly recommend that if a student is struggling after 4 weeks of band, they take 4 private lessons to lock in their embouchure and the mechanics of the instrument. (There is nothing saying that you can not do this right from the beginning.) Instructor recommendations available upon request.

- Percussionists ​must purchase a drum pad (any size), drum sticks (any size that is comfortable) and a book.
-If your student wants to switch instruments after the first couple sessions, that is fine with us and typically fine with the music store at no additional cost.
-Please remember that all students are responsible for their own instrument and this is not a Union School District sponsored event.

Please bring a check or cash on the first day of class.

Questions? Contact us at: ​ ArtsInitiative1@gmail.comwww.artsi.us

*Should the school need to shut down due to COVID-19 cases, the band will transfer to an online model until we're allowed back on campus. No refunds or prorates will be given.
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2. Rent an instrument (drummers to purchase drum sticks and a pad), purchase an Essential Elements books, purchase any reeds , cork grease, valve oil, cleaning kits and anything else my instrument requires.
3. Practice a minimum of one hour per week at home
4. Treat our teacher and fellow students with respect and courtesy
5. Treat my instrument with respect and clean it often
6. Please remember that students are responsible for their band equipment at all times.
7. Note that the school and Arts Initiative are not responsible for any lost or damaged instruments or materials.
8. Agree not to be disruptive or disrespectful to fellow bandmates otherwise I will be asked to leave the band.

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