Consumer’s perception and orientation for agricultural products grown according to Integrated Pests Management (IPM) methods
The following questionnaire aims at collecting information on consumers’ habits and their disposition to fruits and vegetables grown using IPM (Integrated Pests Management) methods. It consists of three sections (1. General information; 2. Eating and grocery shopping habits; 3. Perception and orientation for food grown according to IPM methods).
The survey is part of EUCLID project - Europe China Leverage for IPM Demonstrations, funded by the EU Commission under Horizon 2020 Programme. EUCLID research activity aims at developing more sustainable pest management methods in Europe and China in order to reduce the negative effects of pesticides on human health and the environment, to reduce economic losses in agriculture, and to provide scientific support to EU and China policies.
The questionnaire is anonymous. The data collected here will be handled in compliance with privacy laws and will be used only in the framework of EUCLID research activity.
SECTION 1. General Information
1. Your gender:
2. Your age:
3. Your nationality:
4. Your current country of residence:
5. Number of people in Your family unit:
6. Total monthly income of Your family unit (net, in Euro):
7. Your professional activity:
8. If You work or study, how much times do You devote to Your studying/working activity?
9. Your education level:
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