2019 ISAC Lecture Application
Application Instructions
Organizers of upcoming scientific and cytometry meetings may apply for financial support from ISAC for a speaker of their choice who is preferably, but not necessarily, an ISAC member.

ISAC will directly reimburse the host society with up to $2,000 of reasonable travel expenses incurred by the ISAC Lecturer to get to and from the meeting. Such expenses may include round trip economy air or rail travel, baggage fees, ground transportation to and from airports, up to two days of car rental if used as the primary mode of travel, or personal vehicle expenses. Awards are given in fixed amounts determined by ISAC based on travel time and distance to and from the meeting.

Applications are due by the following dates: February 28, June 30, and October 31, 2019. Applications received will be reviewed immediately following each deadline, and approvals will be notified within the following 30 days. No award requests will be honored for meetings that have already occurred.

Please note that applications are now being accepted for the February 28 deadline.

Any award of financial support from ISAC is made on the understanding that:

1. The lecture will be announced as the “ISAC Lecture” in the speaker introduction and in the meeting program.
2. The ISAC Lecturer will say a few words about the benefits of ISAC membership as part of his/her presentation, as one of the goals of the ISAC Lectures Program is to attract new members.
3. Supplied ISAC materials (membership brochures, upcoming CYTO Information, etc.) will be included with any meeting materials. These will be sent to the primary contact person for the meeting at the address provided.
4. Suitable documentation and receipts must be submitted with any request for reimbursement.
5. The host society will provide ISAC with the names and email addresses of all event attendees within 60 days after the meeting. Reimbursements will be processed upon receipt of this list.
6. Reimbursement requests not received within 60 days of the meeting will be denied.
7. A brief, written report of the meeting will be provided for the ISAC web site.
8. The host society will be responsible for the Lecturer’s registration and accommodation expenses.
9. The meeting organizers agree to support the ISAC Lecturer in all other ways necessary to facilitate the lecturer's attendance and delivery of his/her “ISAC Lecture” presentation.

If you agree to these terms, please click on the "Next" button below to begin your application.

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