Amendment 73 Survey
In addition to voting for our next Governor and State House Representative from our district, voters will be asked to vote for or against Amendment 73. Amendment 73 is a ballot initiative to raise 1.6 billion dollars in the state of Colorado by raising income tax rates on individuals that make over $150,000.00 on their adjusted gross income. The amendment also raises state taxes on "C" corporations while lowering property taxes on businesses from 29% of assessed valuation to 24% of assessed valuation. Personal property taxes would be set at 7% of assessed valuation. These property tax adjustments would be for school taxes only, not taxes for other special districts like fire, libraries etc... East Grand School Districts allotment of that money would equal just over $2 million dollars per year (approximately 20% of our budget). The way the amendment is written, how this money is best spent will be a local decision and the state cannot interfere with those spending decisions.

Since the Great Recession, East Grand School District has not received over $8 million of funding required by the state. This amendment would return us to levels of funding that we have not seen in the past decade.

The school district would like to hear from you. If amendment 73 passes, how would we best allocate our new source of funding. Below are categories that were determined by our staff, administration and school board with brief descriptions or details within each category. Please rate the importance of each category and submit your survey. Note, a score of 1 is the highest priority and a score of 5 is the lowest. The survey will be open until October 11th and results will be published the following week.

If Amendment 73 passes, we will be following up with this survey in more detail to help determine what areas within each category are most important for funding.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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