Interested in Burlington City & Lake Semester?
Burlington City & Lake Semester is an award-winning program offered at BHS that focuses on Burlington’s culture, people, and natural environment; city systems; local issues; and the things that make a community thrive. Students earn English, Social Studies, and general elective credit while doing projects that address real-world issues. Students learn about themselves and their community, connect with all kinds of people, make a difference in Burlington, and have fun together.

When: The BCL class meets in person, all day (8 am - 3 pm) on Blue Days, for one semester. Students can take other classes at BHS on White Days; and also on Blue Days in the semester they aren't in BCL.

Where: Old North End Community Center, 20 Allen Street

Who: This course is open to BHS seniors and juniors. We encourage students from all kinds of backgrounds, interests and perspectives to apply.

COMPLETE THIS SURVEY TO APPLY! Students, parents or guardians are welcome to complete the survey. You may also use this survey to apply to a Burlington Experience class.

**** NOTE: If you are interested in this course, please let your BHS Counselor know. Even if you think it won't fit into your current schedule, they may be able to help you arrange your other classes to make BCL work! ****
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