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Brian Rasmussen
Member of the Sura Academy
“Love is the Universal Remedy.“
I offer Divine Support for Self-Healing and Progress in Life.
I approach all healing from a holistic standpoint. I have gathered an education and experience in a variety of disciplines, and this is always growing. But primarily, I use a comprehensive approach to health and it’s various aspects. In the name of Divine Love and Compassion, I offer support and healing energies for healing and progress in life.
My offers for You:
Health can be a quite complex topic. There are always a number of possible sources or causes for symptoms and imbalances. There are often layers to these problems or interconnectivities, as well. So it is important to get an accurate picture of the situation, the history, variables, etc., so that a fitting solution can be applied for maximum success.

An initial meeting by phone or video is needed to discuss the problem and gather a comprehensive picture of the situation. After our talk, I then make an investigative session and gather further impressions. Treatment generally consists of a series of sessions where I connect you to a higher source of energies for healing. To maximize the effectiveness of this process, your diligent reporting and feedback is necessary for the fullest possible results. So some correspondence is needed in the following day or days after each session.

Please understand that I make no medical claims or offers. Self-healing requires self-responsibility. I am here to offer guidance, support, and fitting energies for your healing processes and wishes.

I provide offers for:
Direct healing from the Divine Source
Pranic Healing, and Pranic Distant Healing
Consulting and support for resolving past traumas and injuries (resulting from abuses, addictions, phobias, behaviors, etc.)
Special support for:
Developing of specific qualities (increasing or diminishing)
Activation or Deep Healing with the glands/higher chakras (Pineal-3rd Eye, Pituitary-Ajna, Thymus-Heart), etc.

My normal rate for healing sessions, energy work, support and consulting, is $45 USD p/hr. If allowances or discounts are needed, please ask.
An initial required consultation, followed by my investigation of your situation, as well as follow up correspondence, is $135 USD
A typical treatment consists of an initial consultation and investigation, followed by 3 sessions (cleaning, healing, strengthening/stabilizing)
Reduced Rates* are available for individuals that wish for support for extended durations.
At times, group sessions are available for $18 per individual. A group session addresses a single purpose for all of the participants. Please contact me if you are interested.

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