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The government we elect on September 20th will lead us through 4 of the 9 years we have to transform our economy to tackle the climate emergency. That’s why 350 Canada is endorsing climate champions who we believe will go above and beyond to fight for bold, ambitious climate action.

Know somebody who deserves an endorsement? Nominate them here.  

We're looking for:

BOLD LEADERS with a track record and experience that proves they will push the envelope and fight for the kind of climate emergency action we need.

CHAMPIONS who will take risks, organize fellow Members of Parliament, and work across party lines to implement legislation to stop fossil fuel expansion and legislate a just transition for all that puts us on a path to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

PEOPLE-POWERED POLITICIANS who listen and respond to the demands of movements and climate organizers to advance the kind of action we need.

No self-nominations by candidates or members of their campaign teams. We will accept nominations on a rolling basis.
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Do you think your can nominee win the election? Based on what you’ve publicly seen of the candidate’s campaign so far, how election-ready is their campaign? Why? Please link to polls or projections that show the state of the race or expectations of how it could shape up. *
Is your nominee's opponent particularly bad on climate? Why? E.g., Are they running against a Minister involved in buying the Trans Mountain pipeline or an outright climate denier? *
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