SVC Fall Semester Intent
I hope you are all well! I'm so excited to begin this semester with you! Although of course we would prefer to sing together as we have in the past, for now, as we know, it's just not possible. And so, I thought, let's take this opportunity to try something we haven't done yet. Hmmm.....
And this is how we've arrived at our endeavor for this semester: recording and releasing a Christmas album! This will be different from our regular CD's, because we'll record in a studio and have purchased rights to the music, which means we can offer the CD for sale to the general public.
The piece we'll be working on is "The Many Moods of Christmas", movements 1 and 4. This classic piece, made famous by the Robert Shaw Chorale, is arranged by famed composer Robert Russell Bennett, and is two movements of about 15 minutes each. These, we'll rehearse in sectionals on Zoom, and then record in small groups in a professional recording studio in Milford. Kim and I will be there on recording day to conduct, sing along, whatever is needed! You'll be recording in a group to Kim's accompaniment and a voice-specific track. We may include some solos, quartets, and will included piano music on the CD as well.

I need to order music, so please indicate your interest below. This is an interest only survey and does not bind you to your decision. Registration will be only $25 this semester, and there will be no other expenses beyond that!
PS Please fill out this form by Friday, September 4th
Listen to the full piece here:

ZOOM rehearsals on Tuesdays 7:00 to 7:45 OR 8:00 to 8:45- 45 minute S/A or T/B sectionals
Sept 15 (if we get the music in time!)
Oct 6
Nov. 3- tentative no rehearsal- election night
Saturday, Nov. 21- in studio We are planning about an hour for each group of four to six singers
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