Say NO to NESE!
Dear Ms. Tamagno and Mr. Oliveri,

My name is [NAME], and I live in [ADDRESS]. I am writing regarding the new permit applications pending before the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“Department”) regarding the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (“NESE”). I write to urge the Department to deny the project with prejudice and ensure that our air, water and climate are protected now and for future generations to come.

I oppose the Williams/Transco NESE Pipeline because [REASONS IN OPPOSITION].

I am requesting that Department deny all pending permits, with prejudice, in order to protect the Bayshore communities, our shared natural environment, and marine life. It is clear that this project, based on the scope and magnitude, cannot be constructed and operated in an environmentally sound manner and with the best interest of New Jersey in mind. A denial with prejudice would effectively close the door for the applicant and no longer allow the repeated and continuous cycle of reapplication.

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