Since you're reading this page, I take it you managed to stumble onto my art pages, or one of my art streams and are curious about doing business. Well first of all I would like to say WELCOME!

I am going to thank you right away for even taking a glance in my direction for business for artwork, and since I know we will talk more as the business goes, I'll save the chit chat for later, let's just dive right in! :)
Who are you? :) Be SURE to Whisper/note me that you're interested. *
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Where can I reach you? (Username + Website) *
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Now then!
We've got the introductions out of the way, lets talk about what I am drawing for you in the stream!
Which style are we going with today? *
Which character am I drawing? :) *
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Reference Images! Please and thank you! Link em here *
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Additional ref image?
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Are there going to be any additional characters? *
Describe your scene for me! What you want me to draw :D *
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Rules and finances.
Now that we've talked all the fun stuff, we need to talk about some rules.

1.) Payments for stream commissions are needed upfront to secure the slot.

2.) Payments for non stream commissions must be paid at least HALF up front to secure slot. After the half way point and you confirm you like the progress, the remaining payment must be sent then the piece will be finished. :)

3.) You must be over the age of 18 years in order to commission me. If you are not over the age of 18, and you fill out this form, you are legally accepting any consequence that may come from parents or authoritys and are completely absolving me of any responsibility of this purchase.

4.) I will not draw, under any circumstances; Watersports, Scat, Cub Porn, Child Porn. Commercial Characters.
(OCs in Cosplay is fine, Im able to draw that.)

5.) I reserve the right to refuse service, cancel, and refund any commissions as I see fit. Should it come to this, the commission will be deleted, the money will be refunded via paypal and the slot will be remade available for another to take it. (This has happened all of once to me XD So dont sweat it TOO much.)

6.) Stream commissions are on a 90% "You Get What you Get" basis. Any changes after it is acknowledged that the work is complete in stream, may cost you a small amount for adjustments. (Dont worry, I do my best to keep in contact with customer's during the stream.)
Off stream commissions have more leniency for adjustments, changes, fixes, etc.

7.) If for any reason the stream goes down over night, worry not! I will continue the pieces and send them too you.

8.) I check my form responses every sunday night, so if you submit during the week, fret not, I will know by sunday as will you.
Did you read the rules? *
GREAT! We're almost done! Here's whats next
1. Upon completion, this form is sent directly to my business email.

2. Once I get the form, I will contact you via (Email or Notes or Discord or Telegram etc etc.) to confirm.

3. With the details confirmed, I will make a rough sketch or thumbnail with my idea for the composition.

4. If you like it, we'll get started. If you dont, I'll draft up a different rough or thumbnail.

5. I will send you a detailed invoice before I start working that sums up the costs and inventory of what I am giving you.
-The Invoice must be paid before you receive the finished product!

6. I will be periodically sending you watermarked WIP (Works in progress) to keep you up to date on the process.

7. Once the bill has been paid and I have sent you the final version of the commission, you are free to post it anywhere you would like so long as you remember to credit the artist! :)
Your Paypal Email to send the Invoice to. *
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Questions and comments
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If I am streaming, are you okay with your piece being worked on as part of the evening stream?
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