Slack-Librium Student Sponsorship Application
Slack-Librium's Student Sponsorship Initiative provides free & reduced price slackline equipment/education to underserved youth. It is our mission to make slackline & mindfulness education/equipment accessible to everyone regardless of their financial background. If you would like to apply for a Student Sponsorship to receive slackline equipment for free or at a reduced price please fill out the form below. All ages are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to youth or to those who will be working with youth.

Acceptance into the Student Sponsorship program is not guaranteed. If you are accepted, we will provide access to the recipient to purchase Slack-Librium slackline equipment at a sliding scale price, ranging from $0 to the retail value of the equipment. Contributing $25 or more helps to cover costs and support the Initiative. Please reserve Student Sponsorship purchases for those who are truly in need.

Free pick-up or delivery is offered within Asheville City limits. Shipping charge of $13.65 will apply to all other Student Sponsorship Purchases unless Slack-Librium agrees to waive shipping fees. Please direct all questions and concerns to
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