Thirdspace Somatic Practice Group
10-Week Somatic Practice Group 

beginning JUNE 8th 2022

There are stories of despair circulating as rapidly as the air around us, sometimes we feel these stories more than we feel the breeze. It makes sense that we would tune out, shut down, block the feelings that are too much. And yet in doing so we make it harder to feel the wild joy of being alive, of being in our bodies. We lose touch with ourselves, and with the world around us. What does it mean to be fully alive in this political and ecological moment?

These stories shape our sense of self and what we think, believe and feel is possible; they become embedded in our muscles and tissues.

Over the course of 10 weeks we will explore the stories that shape our lives and work to come back to life, to engage our senses, and longings, our desires, and to move with and from a sense of aliveness. We will explore the possibilities that open when we are able to tap into our hopes and imaginations. Participants will be guided through a series of individual and relational somatic practices, and collective story-telling, designed to move us beyond the embodied patterns that keep us constricted and towards the world we know is possible.

What to expect: 

-practices to deepen connection to your body and sensations

-practices to deepen connection to others

-a deeper sense of what has shaped your habits, beliefs, and triggers

-support to access a wider emotional range and more aliveness

-support to access embodied imagination for the sake of collective change

-and lots of playfulness and connection! 

Facilitated by Zoë (she/her), a white queer trans woman living in Gainesville, FL on Seminole land. This group is open to all and will center the experience of queer and trans bodies.

-On Zoom, sessions are 1.5 hrs weekly

-$600 sliding scale
payment plans available
solidarity fund available (more info below)

10 consecutive weekly sessions

Registration Deadline is May 30th
A deposit of $100 is due once your registration is accepted, which will of course be subtracted from the course cost. You will receive an email with details soon after you register. Email Zoë with any questions:


*** Opportunities for continued practice and support:

~ I run an ongoing weekly practice space that is open to all who have completed a 10 week course.

~ I am also available for 1:1 virtual somatic coaching sessions with group participants as needed/desired.
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This will be a 10-20 person weekly practice group. It will include individual, partnered, and group practices, space for sharing and vulnerability, and homework between sessions. We will go deep together for the sake of both personal and collective healing. How does this sound to you?   *
The cost of this course is $600. This amount allows me to pay myself a living wage. If you are able to pay more than this amount your donation will go into a solidarity fund that will directly support those who need to pay less than this amount. Any surplus in the solidarity fund will be donated to local movement work in Gainesville, FL. How much are you able to pay? *
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