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Please ensure you provide all the required information below to help Jumper.ai set-up WhatsApp Business API
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Please provide a phone number that you would like to use for WhatsApp Business API - either a mobile number or a landline. Ensure this is not your personal WhatsApp, and this will need to be verified via SMS OTP (Mobile) or Voice OTP (Landline)
Facebook Business Manager ID (not Page ID) *
Facebook business account needs to be verified. Please refer to this link to know where it can be found: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1181250022022158?id=180505742745347
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The display logo for your account on WhatsApp. JPG image, Size of 640x640 is recommended (Note: Max file size of 5MB). Provide the link below
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Description of the business (Maximum of 256 characters)
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Email address to contact the business (Maximum of 128 characters)
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URLs associated with business (e.g., website, Facebook Page, Instagram). Maximum of 2 websites
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