The Cup Project with Bridgette Towle - REANZ
REANZ in collaboration with REACH the Christchurch Network presents an evening on 'The Cup Project' with Bridgette Towle. Bridgette Towle is the Pedagogical Leader at Kids’ Domain Early Learning Centre in Auckland. The Cup Project is focused on a year-long project undertaken by teachers’ at Kids’ Domain. The project provides a glimpse into the complexities of children working closely with an everyday material that opens up myriads of possibilities for thinking, collaboration and technology. We see the role of the teacher who skillfully works alongside children to document and navigate learning; deciding when to extend, to offer ideas or when to stand back, listen and observe. This presentation utilises and fore- grounds pedagogical documentation strategies, to make visible how a learning community engaged in the creative co-construction of knowledge.

Monday 9th April 2018 from 6.45-8.45pm
Venue: Haeata Community Campus 240 Breezes Road Christchurch 8061
Cost: $50
Bank acc: 12-3038-0408638-00
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