Arab-African Youth Forum
Shift-network and Concerned African youth in Cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina( Unit of Futuristic Studies), Earth Charter international, University of Peace, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Helnan Palestine hotels and Alexandria Government Would like to announce the official Launching of :

Arab - African youth Forum
Uniting The Roots


It is essential to consider the position occupied by Africa and the Arab world in terms of population density and the large natural resources. In this respect, it is useful to remember that the sustainable development, the economic development, stability and world peace is relevant with stability and development in Africa and the Arab world.

It is our belief that this forum will have its power and significance in the series of consolidating the dialogue and relations which will unite the African and Arab countries and establishing firm principles to govern our shared work addressing the sustainable development of the unified Afro-Arab continent of which we are proud of belonging.

The Forum will be divided into two stages:

The first stage will be an online stage and will be facilitated by the online platform of Earth Charter international.

Date: 4th of April 2014 ( 4 Sessions )

The second stage will be

Venue : Alexandria, Egypt.
Date : 10th to 16th of May 2014

the forum will focus on the following topics:

1- Conflict resolution and peace making strategies
2- Sustainable development and youth empowerment in the Arab African region
3- Importance of Inter – Regional Integration (Arab-African Context)
4- The Role of the Arab/African Youth in the Afro – Arab Cooperation
5- Women empowerment in the Afro-Arab region
The Event will be hosted by Bibliotheca Alexandrina and will target:

1- Age: from 18 to 25.
2- Creative, ready to work in a multicultural environment.
3- Active in civil society, member of an organization.
4- Youth with lower financial chances are encouraged to apply.
5- From Arab or African country.

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