LL7 Social Outing Sign-Up Form

Based on your responses to the survey at registration time, we are organizing 2 optional excursions for your pleasure after the conference. Each will take place if and only if a sufficient number of participants sign up. Dollar amounts are the transportation and participation costs to be paid by individual participants. Exact cost will depend on the number of people who sign up to go.

1.) San Francisco Area Bus Tour on Saturday afternoon (approx. $45)
2.) Napa Wine Tour on Sunday (estimated total = $140; please see details below)

If you are interested in participating in either or both of these activities, please indicate your intent to participate by checking the appropriate item(s) below. Please respond by Thursday, April 30.

For other social options you can pursue on your own, please refer to our "Social Outings" page on the LL7 website: http://linguisticlandscape7.berkeley.edu/?page_id=237

Please address any questions to Mark Kaiser (mkaiser@berkeley.edu).

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