DevFest Siberia 2017 - Call For Papers Form
Hi folks,

After the success from last year, we are happy to announce the DevFest Siberia 2017 (, that will be held on 23-24 September in Novosibirsk, Russia. We expect over 700 developers, testers, designers, managers and geeks from cities throughout Russia and countries around the world will be there.

Obviously, if you are in this form, it's because we want your participation. We're looking for experience-based talks, which information can not be found in the documentation or easily googled. Share your story, your struggle, your research results, your experience with the frontier tool or technology. =)

All the talks and workshops will go in 5 parallel tracks. Topics for the talks this year include:

šŸ“± Mobile development (iOS and Android)
šŸ–„ Frontend
āŒØļø Backend (including storage, databases, architecture, high availability, scaling)
ā˜ļø Cloud
šŸ•¶ Virtual and augmented reality
šŸ¤– Machine learning,
šŸ”¬ Data science
šŸ“ Algorithms
šŸ“Ÿ Internet of Things,
šŸš§ Testing
āš™ DevOps
šŸ–Œ Design
šŸ’¼ Startups
šŸ™‹ Women in tech
šŸ“ˆ Management
šŸ’¹ FinTech


šŸŽ¤ 40 minutes sessions (30-35 minutes for the talking and 5-10 minutes for the questions);
šŸ–„ 2 hours workshops.

You can submit as many talks as you want. This year we accept submissions in two formats:
Languages: English, Russian.


šŸ—“ July 1 - Call for papers closing;
šŸ—“ July 16 - Selection committee will contact you about submission status.


āœ‰ļø You can find more information on the website or ping us with the questions at
āœ‰ļø If you need an assistance with the form, please don't hesitate to contact with us.

šŸš« Please, keep in mind that advertisement talks are strongly prohibited and won't pass the committee review.

Happy hacking and see you in Siberia this September.
- DevFest Siberia Team

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