We do accept even slightly used (please ensure at least 90 percent of the product remains, if a makeup/skincare product; if clothing and/or home goods, please be sure product is in its original condition) products within 30 days from your receiving your good(s), as tracking shows, for an exchange!

(1) Submit this form;

(2) we'll email you a pre-paid label right away;

(3) please print and use your label within three days;

(4) once we receive the good(s) for exchange, we'll send you a special re-shop code that never expires --

You do need to hop back onto the site to shop again -- whether you are wanting the same product in a new shade or wanting to really mix it up with a new product. The exchange value will cover your item's full value** -- no restocking fees or anything! : )

**If the item is on sale, sale price is honored.

We do not limit exchanges; we know it can take a time or two or even more to get your perfect shade, formula, size, etc. If, though, any abuse of this friendly policy is observed we would need to re-evaluate. Thank you for honoring our wanting to honor your best online shopping experience : )

If your an overseas/non-USA customer needing to conduct an exchange

For overseas/over-borders gals (E.g., Canada, Australia, etc.), we still can conduct an exchange with you, although our system does not print exchange labels for international orders; you will need to still submit this form and then mail the package off yourself to Omiana, 816 E. Broadway, Suite C, Columbia, MO 65201, USA -- we'll make you a special re-shop code, too, once we receive the goods (please send them with tracking!) and we'll add another 4.99-6.99 to it to help 'wash' some of the shipping you spent to get your goods back to us.

Which product(s) are you exchanging?
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While this is not mandatory, it eases the process; you can recall your order number from your packing slip and automated order and shipping confirmation emails from us.
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