ECD Club Executive Roster 2019-20
Hey everyone! This form is used to create a roster of your INCOMING club executives for the 2019-20 service year. Please fill it out along with your registration package.

- If you don't have an executive for any of the positions listed, please leave that space blank.
- If you have additional executive members whose positions aren't included in the spaces listed, please add their information to the 'other exec' section. If you require more space for club execs, you can include their information in the 'Any additional comments' section.
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Postal Code
School Phone #
President name
President Phone #
President Email
President 2 name
President 2 Phone #
President 2 Email
Vice President name
Vice President Phone #
Vice President Email
Vice President 2 name
Vice President 2 Phone #
Vice President 2 Email
Secretary name
Secretary Phone #
Secretary Email
Treasurer name
Treasurer Phone #
Treasurer Email
Treasurer 2 name
Treasurer 2 Phone #
Treasurer 2 Email
Editor name
Editor Phone #
Editor Email
Editor 2 name
Editor 2 Phone #
Editor 2 Email
Webmaster name
Webmaster Phone #
Webmaster Email
Other Exec name
Other Exec position
Other Exec Phone #
Other Exec Email
Other Exec 2 name
Other Exec 2 position
Other Exec 2 Email
Other Exec 2 Phone #
Other Exec 3 name
Other Exec 3 position
Other Exec 3 Phone #
Other Exec 3 Email
Other Exec 4 name
Other Exec 4 position
Other Exec 4 Phone #
Other Exec 4 Email
Faculty Advisor name
Faculty Advisor Phone #
Faculty Advisor Email
Kiwanis Advisor name
Kiwanis Advisor Phone #
Kiwanis Advisor Email
Any additional comments?
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