2020-21 MDC Intensive Dance Programs Application- Performance Groups & PreProfessional Ballet
Application is for both those wishing to continue in our Performance Groups and our PreProfessional Ballet Program as well as students who'd like to be evaluated to join.

Minimum recommended age for dancers* is 9 by Oct 2020, or at least in 4th grade for next fall, school year 2020-21. Prior dance experience is required. PrePro Ballet is typically 5th grade and above and will require teacher or director recommendation.
*FOR GEMS, dancers should be going into 2nd or 3rd grade
*FOR SPARKLE SQUAD, dancers should be going into Kindergarten or 1st grade.
Gems, Sparkle Squad will not audition.

There are sections for both PreProfessional Ballet and Performance Groups. Please fill out only the sections for programs you are auditioning for.

ONE dancer per application form. Siblings apply separately.
Email address *
Dancer's First Name *
Dancer's Last Name *
Dancer's Age on OCTOBER 1, 2020 *
Dancer's Birthdate *
Dancer's Grade in SEPT 2020 *
Dancer's Height in ft & in, for example 5' 2" *
Preferred Phone- Home Phone # or Parent Cell# *
Dancer's Email Address
If dancer has no email address, please leave blank. No need to add mom's twice. We use the dancer's email addresses for Team App and for Google Classrooms
Where do you currently dance? *
Which styles of dance have you studied? (starting with Kindergarten/FIRST grade, do NOT include Preschool) *
1 yr
2-3 yr
4-5 yr
6-7 yr
8-9 yr
10 yr + up
Musical Theater
Which school district do you attend? *
Auditioning for which program? *
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