Swatcher Application
Psyche's Beau is seeking a variety of swatchers/social influencers who have internet presence on multiple platforms. Beyond stunning, advertising worthy photos, we are seeking a diversity of media such as videos and write-ups from talented swatchers of all skin colors, nail lengths, and languages. Open to all applicants, including international.  
We are especially interested in:
* Bloggers and vloggers who can promote our products, leading audiences to our site.
* Advertising worthy promo vids.
* Swatches for our product listings and homepage banner.
Expected of our swatchers:
* Minimum of 5 shots per product: hand holding product, free hand shot, macro, bottle shot, collection shot.
* Sharing on multiple social media platforms.
* Reasonable turnaround time.
* Good communication.
* The products sent to you and/or store discount.
* Product sizes range from 7ml to 15ml.
* Discount varies per complexity of assignment, quality and timeliness of work, and effort to promote.

We are unable to respond to every applicant. All applicants will be kept on file and contacted if/when there is a project available that we see fit.
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What is your specialty? Eg - vids, photography, writing, stamping, etc *
What kind of lighting, background, camera equipment, and editing applications do you generally use? *
What are your favorite colors, finishes, and indie brands?
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