I Support Nathaniel Acharya
I emphatically dispute any claim that Nathaniel Acharya poses any sort of threat, on Beloit College campus or anywhere else. I condemn and protest the behavior of Beloit College in their choice to suspend him, and in the way the institution has responded to the alleged "threats" he made on social media. The posts in question are not threatening, nor do they incite violence, which is more than can be said for the ideology (white supremacy) Nathaniel spoke out against. The disparity in this institution's reactions to the gun violence blatantly threatened by a conservative parent in 2016, and this non-threat by a student of color, speaks volumes. That Beloit College would choose to act this strongly at a mention of violence against an extremist hate group, while simultaneously allowing a mass-murderer and known white supremacist to speak on our campus (re: Erik Prince), has not been lost on the students and alumni of this college. I reject it. I support Nathaniel and I denounce the actions of the college. Nathaniel Acharya is not a threat, but this institution has indeed revealed itself to be an unsafe place for those it ought to be protecting.
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