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Abigail Davies and Danielle Dickson have joined forces and created 'All the Feels PR & BLOG'. The PR side to 'All the Feels' is to promote both of their work. Both Abigail and Danielle have novels that they have published with many more in the works. This form is for anyone who would like to join their Review Team. Readers, Authors and Bloggers alike.

Being on this team means that you will be the FIRST people to read their ARCs. All they ask is that once you have read their books, that you post your review on Goodreads within the time frame that they give and on Amazon on release day.

In return for being on the Review Team you will be given an Ebook copy of their books.

Please ONLY fill this form in if you are willing to adhere to all these terms and have time in your busy schedules.

If you haven't read any of Abigail or Danielle's books, then they will provide copies to you in the form of Ebooks for you to read and review within two weeks of receiving each one.

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What is your kindle Email address? All ARCs will be sent out from the Email address Please make sure you add this to your kindle approved addresses on Amazon.
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Do you agree to review any ARCs that you are given within the time that is set for each release?
Abigail and Danielle will create a Facebook group to keep in contact with everyone on the review team. If you don't want to be added to this group then please click below.
Please include your Facebook name or link below so that we can add you on Facebook if we're not already connected.
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Tell us why you'd like to be on our review team.
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Do you have any triggers you'd like to be warned about before reading our books? Or have a trigger than you just absolutely refuse to read? Please write what below and your tolerance for said trigger. If nothing, please N/A
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Have you read any of Abigail's books? If so, which ones?
Have you read any of Danielle's books? If so, which ones?
Filling in this form means that you are accepting that you will review on goodreads within two weeks of receiving an Ebook. If you do not review within the given time (extenuating circumstances will be revised) then Danielle or Abigail have the right to remove you from the Review team and the Review team group. So please do let us know if you're backed up with other books and for how long for. We will always try to tell you in advance when to expect ARCs from us.
If you have any questions please write them here and we will get back to you!
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