InfoSec and the media
InfoSec: Your opinions are needed. Saskia Coplans and Catherine Chapman have been commissioned to write a White Paper on cybersecurity and the media, with aim of improving the information channels between security practicioners and journalists. We’ve created a short survey to collect data from the InfoSec community about their experience with reporters and the media in general when it comes to cybersecurity topics and issues.

Not all questions in the survey are mandatory. We welcome participation from all corners of the globe and thank you in advance for taking the time to help with our data collection.

If you are a journalist who works in InfoSec, please participate in our parallel survey for members of the media:

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If you've been quoted in the news media, were your words ever misconstrued, inaccurate, or over exaggerated?
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If a journalist assisted you with Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), what was that experience like?
Have you ever had difficulty in contacting a journalist? Please explain.
Do you think that the news media, in general, does a good job at covering cybersecurity issues? *
What is the news media's biggest problem in covering cybersecurity issues? *
Any additional comments that you'd like to offer.
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