Roberta's Survey
Your opinion matters! Please fill in the form to let me understand what readers love. I will only steal a few minutes of your time. The survey is completely anonymous, I won't ask for your personal details, but your answers will help me make sure I always give you, my loyal reader, the best content. Thank you for your cooperation!
Where do you buy your e-books and what kind of e-reader device do you read on? *
What do you think is an acceptable price for an e-book (a full-length novel around 80,000-100,000 words)? *
Do you pre-order books from your favorite authors? If you do, do you pre-order them only if they have a cheaper pre-order price (e.g. 99 cents) or do you buy even if it's full price? *
Do you prefer reading series or standalones? *
Have you used Instafreebie or Bookfunnel to download free books from authors? If you have, which of the two services you like best/found easier to use? *
Do you usually leave reviews? *
Do you like Facebook parties? If you do, what day works best for you? *
If you answered the above question, please let me know what time works best for you. *
What are your favorite prizes in a giveaway? (pick as many as you like) *
What kind of bonus content do you like reading? (pick as many as you like) *
What social media do you follow your favorite authors on? *
Thanks for taking the survey!
If you'd like to take another one, you can find my Readers' Survey Take 2 here:
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