Roberta's Survey
Your opinion matters! Please fill in the form to let me understand what readers love. I will only steal a few minutes of your time. The survey is completely anonymous, I won't ask for your personal details, but your answers will help me make sure I always give you, my loyal reader, the best content. Thank you for your cooperation!
Where do you buy your e-books and what kind of e-reader device do you read on?
What do you think is an acceptable price for an e-book (a full-length novel around 80,000-100,000 words)?
Do you pre-order books from your favorite authors? If you do, do you pre-order them only if they have a cheaper pre-order price (e.g. 99 cents) or do you buy even if it's full price?
Do you prefer reading series or standalones?
Have you used Instafreebie or Bookfunnel to download free books from authors? If you have, which of the two services you like best/found easier to use?
Do you usually leave reviews?
Do you like Facebook parties? If you do, what day works best for you?
If you answered the above question, please let me know what time works best for you.
What are your favorite prizes in a giveaway? (pick as many as you like)
What kind of bonus content do you like reading? (pick as many as you like)
What social media do you follow your favorite authors on?
Thanks for taking the survey!
If you'd like to take another one, you can find my Readers' Survey Take 2 here:
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